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Harrysong Drags Destiny Etiko into Marital Drama

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent outburst, Nigerian singer and songwriter Harrysong, amidst ongoing conflicts with former label boss KCee and estranged wife Alexer Perez Gopa, has made serious accusations implicating Nollywood superstar Destiny Etiko in his marital woes.

Harrysong, in a fiery Instagram Live session, promised to expose alleged deceitful schemes orchestrated by Alexer and her mother, with Destiny Etiko purportedly playing a significant role. He accused Etiko of masterminding his wife’s connection to gossip blogs to smear his reputation, presenting damning evidence in the form of a voice note allegedly featuring Etiko’s directives.

The singer’s allegations come amid a public feud with KCee, whom he accused of forgery and fraud. Meanwhile, Alexer responded to Harrysong’s allegations of infidelity and involvement with gossip blogs, refuting his claims and revealing details about their tumultuous marriage, including allegations of domestic violence.

Alexer’s Instagram Live rebuttal garnered reactions from social media users, with many expressing support for her and criticizing Harrysong’s behaviour. Some condemned airing marital issues online, while others sympathized with Alexer’s experiences and emphasized the need for respect and privacy in relationships.

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