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Fan Frames Twitter Exchange with Davido, Celebrates Idol’s Impact

by Adeola Adeyeye
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An enthusiastic fan of Nigerian superstar Davido, known as Abazz on Twitter, has taken his admiration to an extraordinary level by framing a personal interaction he had with the artist.

This unique display of fandom has garnered significant attention on social media.

The interaction began when Abazz expressed his longing for Davido, noting that the artist had not tweeted for three days. Davido responded, reassuring his fan by saying he was resting and hinting at exciting times ahead with the phrase,

it’s going to be a wild summer.”

Thrilled by the response from his idol, Abazz decided to immortalize the moment. He shared a framed screenshot of their Twitter exchange, declaring his intent to show it to his future children as a testament to his devotion.

I stan Davido, the biggest artist the African music industry has ever produced,” he proclaimed, emphasizing his unwavering support for the musician.

The framed tweet not only highlights Abazz’s deep admiration for Davido but also underscores the powerful connection between celebrities and their fans in the digital age. This gesture has been widely appreciated by fellow fans, who praised Abazz for his creativity and dedication.

This incident is not the first time Davido has been at the center of fan interactions making headlines. Back in April, he was involved in a public online altercation with fellow artist Wizkid. The spat began when Wizkid posted an embarrassing video of Davido, leading to a heated exchange. Davido responded by accusing Wizkid of being physically abusive and body shaming him for his small stature and choice of footwear.

Despite such controversies, Davido’s relationship with his fans remains strong.

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