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Seun Kuti Opens Up About Non-Traditional Views on Marriage and Politics

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Renowned musician Seun Kuti recently shared some unconventional perspectives on marriage and politics during a candid interview, challenging societal norms and sparking controversy in the process.

In the interview, Seun Kuti candidly expressed his belief that he doesn’t adhere to the concept of monogamy, despite being in a currently monogamous marriage. He revealed that he considers himself an amorous person and doesn’t subscribe to the idea of restricting romantic connections to just one partner.

When questioned about the nature of his monogamous relationship with his wife, Seun Kuti’s response was surprising to many. He admitted to exploring other romantic “options” outside of his marital home, citing political reasons as justification. Seun Kuti explained that his wife is unable to connect with him on a political level, and he respects her autonomy to pursue her own interests.

Moreover, Seun Kuti emphasized that his wife operates independently and does things solely for her own sake, rather than to please him. He even disclosed that they have explored unconventional aspects of their relationship, such as threesomes, which is rarely discussed openly in Nigerian society.

While Seun Kuti’s views may challenge conservative beliefs, they are just one facet of his outspoken personality. He has a history of making controversial statements, including critiques of Christianity and comparisons between traditional worship and religious sacrifice.

Seun Kuti’s willingness to speak his mind has also led to conflicts with other celebrities, as he fearlessly confronts issues within Nigerian society

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