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Ireti Doyle Celebrates Daughter Jemiyo’s 20th Birthday

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood veteran Ireti Doyle took to her Instagram page to celebrate her daughter Jemiyo’s milestone as she turns 20 today.

In a heartfelt tribute, Ireti expressed her profound pride in her daughter’s accomplishments and praised her for her vision and determination.

In her Instagram post, Ireti Doyle poured out her love for Jemiyo, affectionately referring to her as her “mini-me.” She commended Jemiyo for her unwavering vision, tenacity, and the remarkable achievements she has attained at such a young age. Ireti also lauded her daughter’s passion and single-mindedness in pursuing her dreams.

The veteran actress showered Jemiyo with prayers, wishing her a long and fulfilling life filled with continuous success and blessings. The heartfelt message reflects the deep bond between mother and daughter, celebrating Jemiyo’s growth and potential as she enters a new decade of her life.

Last year, Ireti Doyle’s birthday message to Jemiyo was simple yet meaningful, reflecting the evolving relationship between mother and daughter. However, on this special occasion, Ireti chose to express her admiration and pride more elaborately, highlighting Jemiyo’s remarkable journey and accomplishments.

Jemiyo’s recent appearance at the AMVCA ceremony garnered attention for her stylish outfit, further solidifying her presence as a rising figure in the entertainment industry. Netizens praised her fashion sense and compared her to other notable personalities, recognizing her as a Gen Z trendsetter.

Ireti Doyle’s joy over her daughter’s achievements extends beyond birthdays, as she previously celebrated Jemiyo’s musical accomplishments with pride. Sharing a heartwarming video of herself listening to Jemiyo’s song on the radio for the first time, Ireti’s pride and excitement were palpable.

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