How Can You Deal With Loneliness.

by Frederick Akinola
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A lonely person - Loneliness

Nearly everyone feels lonely at times, even people who seem to be quite popular and have lots of friends. often it is not the number of friends but the quality of friends that determines whether a person feels lonely. Loneliness has a number of side effects. It can make a person vulnerable. It could cause you to settle for anyone who would accept you as a friend. When you’re lonely, you may be desperate for attention. You could begin to think that any attention is better than no attention. And that can lead to trouble.

So what can you do to tackle loneliness? Remember that technology does not always cure loneliness. You could have friends on the internet, yet you feel empty.  Try out the following:

Do not Assume the Worst

It is easy for your mind to tell you that people do not like you. For example, suppose you see pictures online of your friends at a gathering to which you were not invited. At that moment, you could conclude that you were deliberately snubbed. Try not to do that, instead, direct your energy toward thinking of a better explanation for your being excluded. Often, it is not the situation but your outlook that brings on feelings of loneliness. It will only make you sink deeper into the quicksand of loneliness. Such thoughts can create a vicious circle: You feel like an outcast, which makes you isolate yourself, which makes you lonely, which makes you feel like an outcast.

Be Open To Making Friends With People Older Than You.

Having friends only within your age group isn’t so much fun. There isn’t so much you can learn from your mates. if you have friends older than you are, you can benefit from their wealth of experience. Do not be afraid of those older than you, do not feel conversations with them will be weird. Try and get close to them. Ask questions. You’ll be surprised how close you could get with people way older than you.

Appreciate The Benefits of Solitude.

Some people feel lonely as soon as they face a moment of privacy. But simply being alone need not make you feel lonely.  Instead of seeing being alone as a disadvantage, use the quiet time to reflect appreciatively on your blessings. That can make you an even more desirable friend to others

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