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How do you deal with boredom?

by Monsurat Momoh
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Who doesn’t know about boredom? It is such a well-known phenomenon that some times, it can be mistaken for loneliness or sadness. But they are different. They always are. While sadness can come from certain events like hearing certain news, or witnessing a tragic situation, boredom doesn’t. You could be with a lot of people and still feel lonely. It reflects our feelings and thoughts.

Boredom on the other hand can happen a few times in a day and take a long time to overcome. It can be referred to as feeling uninterested or unsatisfied. You could have a lot of things to do and still feel very bored. A very unpleasant mental state with lack of interest. That is boredom.

With boredom being very common, people have various ways of overcoming it. I usually do not have a specific thing that works for me so, i try numerous things to feel better. Because what works today doesn’t necessarily have to work tomorrow.

How to deal with boredom?

  • Listen to music

This is probably everyone’s first pick. Songs have a way of speaking to us and sometimes giving us goosebumps. There is a song for every mood. And if you’re lucky, you’d find a song that works well for every mood. My go to album is James Arthur’s Back from the edge. The album is mind blowing. What’s yours?

  • Day dreaming

People would say day dreaming is a lot of nonsense and is something only teenagers do. I say it depends on what you day dream about. If you think about the type of future you want, there’s no way you’d find that ridiculous. If that doesn’t destroy your boredom, then is it really boredom?

  • Watch a movie

Finding your favorite genre can be a hassle but if you watch anything like i do, that’s great. If you don’t, stick to your favorite genre and take your mind off things. Or better still, re-watch your favorite series or movie. What’s your favorite thing to do when bored? Let us know in the comments section.

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