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How to Identify Passive Aggressive People (Pt.1).

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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Passive aggressive people are often used to saying they’re okay even when they are not.  Passive aggression is the display of negative feelings, resentment and aggression in an unassertive or “passive” manner. They would give the silent treatment and shut down the medium of communication so they don’t get to discuss it with you.

They’d agree with you about something. However, deep within them know they won’t act on it and finally, you hear them responding with sarcasm.

Sometimes, those who are passively aggressive may not know this as it may seem different to them. At first like they are trying to stay safe and protect themselves. They often do this to avoid conflict, hence the reason for being that way. Nevertheless, this personality disorder can be so harmful and dangerous. Particularly to the other party who can’t tell what they have done wrong, to however seems as though one is working on eggshells, knowing not what they did to set off this person.

This can be emotionally exhausting for the other party and eventually lead to a strain in their relationship. Here are signs you may be dealing with a passive-aggressive person.

They make assumptions.

This is one of the major signs a person is passive-aggressive. Passive-aggressive people often prefer to make assumptions, rather than engage in communication for clarity. They’d rather choose to stick to what they think rather than what is, without leaving any benefit of the doubt.

There’s a disconnect between what they say and what they do.

People who are passive-aggressive often say one thing and mean the other. They may tell you they are with you on a particular decision, meanwhile, when it is time to execute the idea, they stand back and watch from a distance.

They give silent treatment.

They really do not like to have conversations rather they indirectly communicate or express their displeasure, they hint at you through their actions and expect you to figure it out yourself.

They throw subtle jabs using sarcasm.

They subtly throw jabs at the other party using sarcasm to make the person feel a certain way about himself or herself but claim they do not mean it in a serious way.

Click here for more tips on identifying passive-aggressive individuals.

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