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How Watching Movies can Boost Your Knowledge.

by Frederick Akinola
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Most of the time, we watch movies for fun or just for entertainment.  Some people (the serious-minded lot) could even conclude movies are a waste of one’s time. That however is not true. Watching movies can do us a whole lot of good. Let us see three ways watching movies can help a person.

Brings Couples and Families together.

The time spent by a family watching television or a movie usually goes on to be the most memorable moment they have in their lives. They laugh together and analyse the events in the movie. This is very important, especially today, as families live in isolated clusters and have little or no shared activity to bond. In such cases, it is good to watch a comedy or a thriller that everyone in the family is comfortable with.

History Lessons

Period pieces and Biopics are good history lessons for people who have never heard of a particular story or event in history.  Such movies help to re-enact the event and educate the younger generation about past events. It helps them to see the scenes as though they were there present.  An example of such a movie is Roots – a film that covers the evils of the Transatlantic slave trade. Such movies educate more than they entertain.

Vocabulary, Language and Culture.

Movies are an avenue through which we can study the culture of other climes. It is better than reading about people’s culture because in this case, you can actually see what they do and how they do it. People have also used movies to learn a foreign language. By constantly watching foreign language films as they learn the language they are able to have a better understanding of the use of words and hear them pronounced repeatedly to aid recollection. Movies help build a person’s vocabulary. We tend to re-use a lot of words we hear being said in the movies.

So, in selecting the next movie you want to watch, think of how you can benefit from it in any of the above ways. This could affect your choice of movies going forward.

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