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  • Paint your nails the right way
  • 9 tips for gorgeous nails

How to paint your nails

Ladies, it’s always an advantage to become a pro at applying nail polish because you just may not have the time to visit the salon every time you want to change up the look of your nails. So learning the tips and tricks of applying nail polish will definitely help your nails and your busy schedule.

Most of us already paint our nails by ourselves from time to time; the question is whether we’re doing it as well as we could.
These nine tips will help you paint your nails like a pro:

Use a Base Coat

For best results, you should use a base coat before applying coloured nail polish. This will give your polish something to stick to and will make it last longer. Also, applying a base coat will help you keep your nails from being stained if you’re using pigmented paint.

Apply in three strokes

Paint your nails in three strokes to make it spread out properly. Dip in your brush and use it to get a good size of polish on your nails to spread out on your nails. After that, use the brush to guide the polish into your nails.
Starting at the base of the nail, the first stroke to the left, the second to right and the third down the centre; this will help your polish spread out evenly.

Apply in Thin Coats

Don’t make the mistake of applying thick coats of polish on your nails; they will never dry fast enough or may never dry properly. Apply your nail polish in three thin coats to get it dried quickly.

Avoid Quick-Dry Polish

You should avoid those quick-dry polishes because they dry out your nails and leave them dehydrated.

Apply Cold Water

You’ve probably heard it before that you should hold your hands under cold water after painting your nails to help them dry faster. This actually works and you can do this anytime you paint your nails.
You can even dip them in iced water to make the drying process much faster.

Don’t Shake Polish

Shaking your nail polish may cause air bubbles in the polish. Instead, place it between your hands and roll it back and forth to get rid of those any bubbles so that they don’t appear as you paint your nails.

Avoid Hot Water

You shouldn’t jump into anything that requires you to use hot water after you’ve just finished painting your nails. This will ruin all your hard work because hot water expands the nail bed and will force the polish to also expand and eventually crack

Use Top Coat

Apply a top coat to seal up your polish at the tips of your nails. This will help to prevent your nails from getting chipped easily and make your nail polish last longer

Store Polish in a Fridge

You’ve probably heard that you should store nail polish in a cool, dark place, right? Well, the best place for that is your refrigerator as it will make that polish last longer. The refrigerator is the place to keep nail polish away from sunlight and heat which change the colour and thickness of the polish.

Which of this tips are new to you? Tell us in the comments…..

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