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Miss Sahhara Shares Painful Memories of Being Bullied

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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Miss Sahhara, a well-known Nigerian transgender and former beauty queen, has opened up about her traumatic experiences while in secondary school. In a recent social media post, she revealed that her classmates bullied and hated her for being feminine.

Miss Sahhara disclosed that she would often sing and dance to a song from an Indian fantasy film, pretending to be the Nagin, a mythical snake woman, to cope with the bullying. She also mentioned that her Catholic school, which she described as “full of pedos,” had even attempted to “deliver” her through a novena.

The transgender activist’s post has sparked an outpouring of support from social media users who have commended her bravery in sharing her story. Many have also expressed anger and frustration at the prevalence of bullying and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly in Nigeria, where such acts often face stigma and criminalization.

Miss Sahhara’s powerful message serves as a reminder of the importance of creating safe and inclusive environments for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. It also highlights the need for increased education and awareness around issues of discrimination and prejudice in schools and wider society.

Bullying is not okay because it causes psychological and physical harm to the victim and affects the bully’s well-being. It’s important to identify bullying behaviour and intervene to support victims and prevent further harassment. Everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted at school or work, and it’s up to us to create a culture of respect, kindness, and inclusion.

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