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Netizens React to Ayra Starr’s Bold Outfit at Album Listening Party

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Singer Ayra Starr recently hosted her album listening party in a stunning red dress with a daring side slit.

The event, captured on video, showed Ayra Starr attempting to sit gracefully in the revealing outfit, ultimately succeeding. However, her choice of attire sparked mixed reactions from fans and netizens.

Ayra Starr’s bold fashion statement at her album listening party has ignited a flurry of reactions online.

The singer, known for her edgy style, wore a red dress with a dramatic side slit, which drew both praise and criticism from her audience.

One user, @jane_boughie11, expressed disappointment, writing,

I will speak for you since you guys won’t. This isn’t adorable. It is superfluous and garish. For all this, she is too gifted/talented for this.” Another user, @wink_keb, commented, “Queen’s don’t wear rags and don’t go naked,” emphasizing the disapproval of Ayra’s outfit.

Some comments questioned Ayra Starr’s comfort and the influence behind her fashion choices. @ugochukwuofficial22 speculated about her upbringing, saying,

I think this girl is a daughter of a single mom. No responsible father will keep calm while her daughter move around half naked in the name of celebrity.” Similarly, @being.jaydee remarked, “It’s the agenda of ‘mind your business’ that has left us where we are today. She doesn’t even look comfortable.”

Others, like @drink_water001, compared Ayra Starr to other artists,

It’s truly a remarkable world we live in, with two incredibly talented females artists. While Ayra Starr bares all for the world to see, Tems chooses to dress modestly, leaving much to the imagination. It’s a craz* world indeed.” This highlights the ongoing debate between bold and modest fashion choices in the music industry.

Despite the criticism, some fans defended Ayra Starr’s right to express herself through her style. @officialperrykings noted,

Her style is her brand mk una leave her if them check sef she over decent pass many girls,” while @rosythrone pointed out the contradiction in the criticism, “Now that you’ve watched the video and still came to comment section, what exactly are you looking for??”

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