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Nigerian Singer Harrysong and Actor Uche Maduagwu’s Altercation Sparks Online Reactions

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Nigerian singer Harrysong has stirred controversy online after being involved in a physical altercation with actor Uche Maduagwu.

While the exact cause of their confrontation remains unclear, it is rumored that the dispute may be linked to Uche Maduagwu’s persistent criticism of Harrysong’s song, “Maria.”

In videos circulating on social media, Harrysong can be seen aggressively attacking Uche Maduagwu while another person attempts to restrain him. The footage has sparked a wave of reactions, with many viewers expressing skepticism about the authenticity of the incident, suspecting it to be a publicity stunt.

Comments on the video suggest a widespread belief that the altercation might be staged:

– Ifu Nanya wrote, “When una finish una skit tell us.”
– IUG Clothing commented, “Harry wants to release a new song be that.”
– DJ Cute1 added, “Lol this guy no sabi act I swear. See as e fall sef.”
– Cham Profoods remarked, “This script don cast tey try.”
– Aproko Naija Blog expressed disappointment, “I shame for Harrysong. This is what have you reduced yourself to? @iamharrysong I shame on your behalf.”
– Iizzy Prince noted, “Na everyday dem dey beat this one for clout.”
– Queen Kateel Frida commented, “Na everybody dey beat this guy? Find another strategy abeg.”
– Oops Girlie dismissed it, “Cheap acting make una shift abeg. Rain dey fall since morning ground go soon shake.”
– ______kw pointed out, “Old update! This is 2024 Harry!”
– Peaceful Baddie declared, “Staged.”
– The Food Networking suggested, “You don’t use the same format twice! Take two, please.”
– Rossy Throne reflected on past events, “Since Jim Iyke cast everything, I no longer believe anything that happens to this guy.”

This skepticism is fueled by a similar incident in August 2021 when actor Jim Iyke and Uche Maduagwu had a public altercation. Maduagwu had questioned Iyke’s source of wealth, leading to a confrontation that many initially believed was genuine. Jim Iyke later revealed that the altercation was a scripted act to promote his movie, “Bad Comments.”

Last year, Uche Maduagwu was also involved in another headline-making incident. A video showed him in a heated argument with a lady over their driving skills. The confrontation escalated when the woman slapped Maduagwu, adding to his reputation for being involved in public skirmishes.

The recent altercation between Harrysong and Uche Maduagwu has left many questioning its authenticity, given Maduagwu’s history of staged confrontations. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether this incident will follow the same pattern as previous ones or if there are genuine grievances behind the scenes.

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