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NURTURE OR TORTURE: Parent on Career Choices.

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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Career plays a very fundamental and significant role in the life of the individual not only because it determines the pattern of income but also because it affects the individual’s personality and concepts in life. It is a certain aspect of growing up and parents play a huge role in the career choices of their children.

It is true that everyone at some point needs advice/guidance at some point in life, especially from experienced/ older people. Parents often assume this responsibility in the life of their children/wards with the noble intention of setting in motion the series of events for a glorious future.

However, not all the time does parental advice/influence on the career choice of their ward result in the desired goals. Many times they inadvertently end up “torturing” their wards by unwittingly imposing their expectations on them.

Some parents want their wards to live out their personal wishes with regard to career choices rather than guiding them on a path that suits their potential. This is obviously against the wish of such a child with ramifications ranging from the waste of time and resources to even mental health challenges.

This experience can be torturous as most kids are not often given the opportunity to express their own wishes and aspirations. It is pertinent for parents to take time to observe the interest, skills and passion of their wards and nurture it accordingly in other to set them on a career path.

Parents should not force their wards to pursue careers similar to their own against their will. Proper family relationship is essential in shaping their career choice. In this regard, it is recommended that parents should take time to discuss different career choices with their wards.

If necessary parents should interact with the school guidance counsellor for a uniform goal of nurturing. They can design a meaningful career program. This will help to educate both parents and students on the concept of career choice. With parental guidance and support, children are able to make the right choice of career.

What’s your take on parental influence on children’s career choices? is it a blessing or a source of discomfort? Let me know what you think in the comment section

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