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Reality TV Star Vee Iye Expresses Longing for Bobrisky, Calls for New TikTok Sounds

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent Instagram post, reality TV star Vee Iye expressed her longing for Bobrisky, the controversial social media personality.

Sharing a hilarious video on her Instagram page, Vee used one of Bobrisky’s popular trending TikTok sounds, indicating her miss for the internet sensation.

In the caption of the video, she wrote,

Abeg free our mommy of Lagos, we need new TikTok sounds,” expressing her desire for Bobrisky’s return to the social media scene.

This sentiment echoes a similar call made by Very Dark Man a few weeks ago. He had shared an interview featuring Bobrisky’s lawyer, discussing the court’s decision to keep Bobrisky in EFCC custody until the adjournment date. In a symbolic gesture, Very Dark Man popped a bottle of wine, pleading for Bobrisky’s release, albeit with a condition that only Bobrisky be released while ‘Idris’ remains in custody.

However, amidst these pleas for Bobrisky’s release, it was reported that Bobrisky had recently donated Salem chairs to Kirikiri prison. A picture circulating on social media showed stands of chairs in the correctional service center with the inscription, “courtesy of Idris Okuneye BobRisky.”

This development follows Bobrisky’s sentencing to six months in jail without the option of a fine by the Justice of the Federal High Court in Lagos on April 12, 2024. Despite the sentence, support and calls for Bobrisky’s freedom continue to circulate on social media platforms.

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