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Tacha Calls Out Selective Outrage Amid Lead British School Bullying Incident

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent video, BBNaija alum Tacha delivered a fiery take on the trending video depicting a student being bullied at Lead British School. However, her opinion came with a twist as she chastised Nigerians for what she termed “selective outrage.”

Tacha criticized the public outcry over the bullying incident, pointing out that many Nigerians are quick to condemn bullying while conveniently forgetting their own past as bullies or bystanders. She accused Nigerians of acting as if they were innocent of such behavior during their school days.

Moreover, Tacha drew attention to the irony of those decrying the bullying incident being the same individuals who engage in cyberbullying on platforms like Twitter. She highlighted the hypocrisy in condemning bullying offline while perpetuating it online.

In her impassioned speech, Tacha referenced fellow reality star Phyna, citing the lack of support she received from Nigerians regarding her alleged financial dispute with Multichoice. Tacha suggested that Nigerians’ attitudes towards Phyna were influenced by personal biases rather than a genuine concern for justice.

Using herself as an example, Tacha revealed that she has been a target of online bullying numerous times, particularly during her time in the BBNaija house. From allegations of body odor to criticisms of her fashion choices, Tacha has faced relentless trolling on social media.

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