Should I Date A Lady Older Than Me?

by Frederick Akinola
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Lady Dating Older Love

I’m sure you’ve heard this story before: a guy falls in love with a lady older than him, and his friends advise him to leave her because she wouldn’t have respect for him, or because it’s going to be awkward that she’s older than he is. I’m sure you’ve also heard of the cliche age is but a number. What do you think? Would you date a lady older than you? Here’s my opinion:

Does Age Really Matter?

Yes, age does matter. The mind matures with age. But not just age, experience is also important. Therefore if you’re a lady and you’re considering dating a guy younger than you are, don’t just look at his age. How experienced is he? Does he act like a boy? Or does he act mature? If he has gained maturity with experience then that’s fine, age can then be defined as a number. But if in spite of his age, he’s still a petulant child, then there’s a problem. So the bottom line is, age matters but maturity should be the determining factor.

Will She Respect Me?

You earn respect. No matter how older than your partner you are, if you don’t deserve respect you’ll be given none. If you act in a mature way as a person deserving of respect should, the lady, even though you’re younger than she is, will accord you the respect you deserve. If she doesn’t then she wouldn’t have respected you even if you were older than her. Respect and age are not mutually exclusive.

Is it Awkward?

Our very existence on earth is awkward. No one has the right to tell you what is awkward or what’s not. You should ask yourself if it’s legal to date a woman older than you are? If the answer is yes, you’re a free man. You should not allow the opinion of people to shape the way you live your life or have an effect on what makes you happy. You love the lady and she loves you. That’s what really matters.

Think Things Through

Remember that in every relationship there would be problems, there would be challenges. If her age is not a problem now, will it be a problem tomorrow? Have you considered having children together? Do you think she can? Do you know her well enough? Don’t fall in love like a fairy tale character. Think things through, and if you come to the conclusion that the older lady is good for you, do wetin dey your mind.

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