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Health Benefits of Palmwine

by Frederick Akinola
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There aren’t a lot of things that taste as good as fresh, cool palm wine. I am not talking about the diluted versions inundated with all sorts of things. I am talking of fresh, newly-tapped wine. The taste is fresh, the look is fresh. And when you send it gliding down your throat, you’re instantly refreshed.

Palm wine is a local alcoholic drink which is very common in Africa. Most people drink it for its intoxicating and refreshed effect, however, the drink is very medicinal. Let’s highlight some health benefits of palm wine:

Health Benefits

Fresh palm wine is rich in antioxidants, compounds that protect the body against free radicals that play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases.  Palm wine has also been said to be a good source of vitamins C and B which are very good for the eye. It contains nutrients that boost the immune system and can build the body’d defense against diseases. Allegedly (I repeat: allegedly) palm wine, according to traditional medicine experts, can help strengthen male fertility and improve bedroom performance. 

It has long served as the main beverage for lactating mothers in Nigeria, and other African countries. It helps improve the quality and quantity of breast milk according to traditional medicine experts.  However, due to the problem of adulteration, women have been advised against taking palm wine from an unknown source, as the sweeteners and alcohol may be harmful to a newborn.

Beware of the Potential Side Effects.

Because of the sugar and alcohol contents, this drink may not be suitable for diabetics. Ethanol consumption in large amounts can harm the liver, and when taken in large amounts can cause infertility in men, as many researchers suggest, especially if the palm wine has been fermented. For women it could negatively affect the child. Thus, it is important for men and lactating women to be wary of the amount of palm wine consumed.  Palmwine can be addictive, causing a person to be perpetually unproductive.

Adulteration can also be a cause for serious concern with people adding all sorts to it.  If you don’t buy from the right source, you might just be drinking adulterated rubbish that can be bad for your health.

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