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Simi Claps Back at Body-Shaming Troll Over Bikini Video

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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On today’s episode of trolls body-shaming women online, singer Simi found herself in the spotlight.

The talented artist had posted a video on Instagram, sarcastically apologizing for wearing a bikini as part of her album promotion. In the video, Simi humorously apologized, saying she was sorry for wearing a bikini and that next time, she would wear a kaftan.

While the video was intended to be lighthearted, one netizen named @worldclasselnas commented, “You just don’t have a good shape for that outfit.” Simi, known for her witty online presence, clapped back by saying she was sorry for not getting a BBL done before recording the video of herself in a bikini.

Despite the negative comment, many of Simi’s followers played along with her humour and lent their own sarcastic inputs.

Below are some reactions:

– @falzthebahdguy wrote, “I cannot believe you. And you’re supposed to be a mother figure.”
– @kie_kie commented, “I thought it was Mumc at first ooo. Is your mummy running away?”
– @efeirele added, “You f*ck up o! And you’re a MOTHER!!! Next time bubu will do it! Make us proud!!!”
– @isbae_u 4 said, “I’m just glad you have learnt your lessons. Next time you need to go to a pool, wear dungarees abeg or abaya.”
– @tenientertainer quipped, “Na damask you for wear.”
– @i.v.a.n.u.o.l.u.w.a joked, “I actually did tell you, and now they’re dragging you everywhere for wearing a swimsuit at the pool. Anyways, pls stream.”
– @nancybraidedwig_empire noted, “What d heck, it doesn’t feel like you are remorseful, you sound like you are mocking your fans. Fam, I feel your fans mean well for you, and you should accord them a little of your decency. I still love you though.”

Simi has always handled online trolls with a clever and non-confrontational approach that leaves little room for further argument. Her humorous responses often diffuse negativity and engage her fans in a positive way.

The talented singer recently released a new album, and her husband, Adekunle Gold, couldn’t be prouder. Despite the occasional negativity, Simi continues to shine and receive support from her fans and loved ones.

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