Talking back to your Parents

by Monsurat Momoh
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Talking back to parents

Talking back to your parents has to be one of the things people never talk about. This is probably because many of us are scared of thinking about it, even as adults. Many people boast about how well they relate to their parents, and that’s a charming sensation. Unfortunately, a lot of us can not tell.

Other than parents loving their children endlessly and knowingly or unknowingly showing them tough love, isn’t it a little fascinating how parents get “offended” when we act up? Today, I told my parents to “leave me alone,” which earned me the funniest reaction I’d ever gotten. Somehow, I was glad I didn’t get slapped 😂.

Anyhoo, this topic is a deep one. Especially considering how many grown adults have a lot of issues because of the inability to express themselves adequately. If you think the effects of pent-up anger are not a lot, I will assure you that many individuals can’t get over this situation. Some never will.

Emotional validation is the one thing that enables us to grow properly. To be emotionally stable is to know how to portray your emotions; to do that, you should be able to speak up when you want to. Without fear, not in a rude manner.

Imagine grown-up individuals who have never validated their feelings entering friendships and relationships. What a weird world we would be living in and already living in, aren’t we?

To avoid emotionally detached parents in the near future, which will produce much more emotionally detached parents, let’s learn to speak up when we need to, regardless of who we’re talking back to. Understanding ourselves does not always have to result in fights or arguments.

Furthermore, if my parents can not understand that I can get annoyed, displeased, and unhappy with them, I can teach them too. People spool stuff they see frequently. It’s not shocking how people do the same thing their parents do or do even worse. Additionally, what matters is how ready we are to break these generational traumas.

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