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The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry.

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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The fashion industry is a ruthless business. If you’re not in the know, it can be easy to get taken advantage of – and that’s not just when you’re shopping for clothes. The fashion industry is known for its shady business practices, from exploiting workers in developing countries to using child labour. And that’s just the beginning. In this article, we’ll reveal five dark secrets of the fashion industry that you probably didn’t know.

So the next time you’re shopping for a new outfit, bear these revelations in mind: you may not be able to change the fashion industry, but you can vote with your wallet.

Child Labour.

You know the saying, “behind every great man is a great woman”? Well, we’d like to amend that to say, “behind every great fashion designer is a team of exploited children.”

Shocking, but true: many fashion designers rely on child labour to get their products out the door fast and under budget. In sweatshops all over the world, children as young as four are forced to work long hours sewing clothes and assembling accessories. They often go without food or proper clothing and suffer from frequent injuries on the job.

It’s time to break the silence and expose the ugly truth behind the fashion industry. When you’re shopping for clothes, remember the faces of the children who made them – and try not to feel too guilty when you buy that #200 tank top at any thrift store.

Unethical Working Conditions.

If you’re still thinking of a career in the fashion industry, stop right now. The dark side of the fashion industry is a place where no one ever has a good day. It’s a place where you’re subjected to long hours, slave-like conditions, and verbal abuse from your boss.

It’s a place where you’re forced to work in toxic environments, with no time for breaks or food. And if you don’t meet your targets, you’re often publicly shamed in front of your co-workers.

So why do people stay in these jobs? The answer is simple: because they have to. They need the money to support their families, and there are very few other options available to them.

Environmental Damage.

The fashion industry is a dirty business. This by the way is not just talking about the grime that builds up on your clothes after a few wears. The production of clothes is responsible for massive amounts of pollution, which not only damages the environment but also leads to health problems for workers in the fashion industry.

From the toxic dyes that are used in textile production to the release of harmful gasses from clothing factories, the fashion industry is wreaking havoc on our planet. And it’s not just the environment that’s taking the hit. Workers in the fashion industry often suffer from health problems caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Size Zero Models.

So you think the fashion industry is all glamour and glitz? Think again. However, behind the scenes, it’s a ruthless world where size-zero models reign supreme and designers are under constant pressure to create the next big thing.

In an attempt to maintain their status, many designers resort to using unfair tactics. They often mandate that their models be a certain size, which can be extremely damaging to the models’ health. Because the industry is so competitive, many models are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Even if this might mean starving themselves or taking dangerous drugs.

Fast Fashion.

Furthermore, the fashion industry likes to keep up appearances. But behind the glossy magazines and the alluring runway shows, there is a dark side to the business. This is a side that most people don’t want to know about.

You may not realize it, but the clothes you’re wearing right now were probably made in a sweatshop by children. These children work long hours for little pay. Also, if that’s not bad enough, these clothes are likely to fall apart after just a few washes because they’re made of cheap materials.

The fashion industry is a money-making machine that doesn’t always have the best interest of the people involved in it at heart. From garment workers in third-world countries to designers and models.

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