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Tips For the Real World After NYSC.

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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The recent Passing out parade (POP) of the NYSC 2022 Batch ‘A’ is another event that signifies
the release of graduates into the “Real world”. This is often the first taste of the “real world” by
these young men and women often with high expectations as to what is attainable out there. Life after NYSC is often an eye-opener on how real adulthood goes. It comes with a lot of disillusionment, disappointments and sometimes even depression. You can however make it easier for yourself by preparing for it. This mainly means life after schooling as you know it.

The choice out there is largely in either of these two for any one of these graduates who want to
avoid sitting idle at home: Finding a job, by way of getting one, creating one or learning one; or pursue
further studies (Home or abroad).

Studying abroad is a very much popular aspiration for many young people for obvious reasons.

For fresh graduates seeking to further study abroad, here are some tips for you;
  • Do not spend all your NYSC allowance; save for your transcript processing fee and International passport.
  • Get your Passport as soon as possible; necessary identification document for your transboundary journey.
  • Get all academic transcripts and certificates; crucial documents for the admission process.
  • Seek volunteering and research opportunities; this helps to build your academic CV.
  • Learn statistical skills. This will help you land a small job you can do to have extra income.
  • Research interest; Do your personal research and carve an area of research interest which should be reflected in your Statement of purpose (SOP) among others.
  • Join a graduate coaching group
  • Find a University that offers the course you desire
  • Get in touch with your potential referees
  • Get an official; email address
  • Start the application

I hope you find these tips really helpful, if not, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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