Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer.

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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keeping your clothes in shape

Emeka has quite a number of clothes but a particular one is his favourite and it’s quite new too. He scurries his wardrobe trying to find that beautiful black shirt with the “GOD IS GOOD” print to wear for Sunday Mass. After a few minutes of searching, he finds it rumpled and notices that the print on his once beautiful shirt has begun to fade.

A weary frown overshadows his face and he begins to remember how he bought this shirt not up to three months ago and now it’s already fading away. In the heat of the moment, he curses some unknown market woman in Aba for their incompetency whereas the loss of quality in the shirt was all down to his own mismanagement.

Emeka’s story is sad, isn’t it? If your response is yes then you need to read this article to find out easy tips to employ to make sure your clothes last longer than Emeka’s shirt did. 


Don’t wait till Saturday morning until you gather the pile of clothes in your room and begin to wash them. This is a bad habit and leads to clothes discolouring especially if they are white. 

Whenever you wear a shirt, sweat drips onto the shirt and this sweat if not quickly washed off causes the clothing article to smell and discolour especially at the armpit region. It is therefore advisable to wash clothes every two-three days rather than piling them up for one chaotic Saturday. Be mindful not to over-wash your clothes too.


Each fabric which forms a beautiful shirt or trousers has specialization as to how they ought to be washed. Most people have a habit of just adding any random detergent into the water with a random temperature and washing their clothes, completely ignoring instructions given by the clothing manufacturer.

While washing clothes, always check the instructions tailored for the cloth online. Some common advice would be to wash shirts with prints from the inside out and to avoid washing coloured shirts with detergents as they wash out their colour faster and cause it to fade.


There’s nothing much more painful than burning your clothes with a pressing iron. Just one millisecond is enough for that expensive dress to be rendered useless. The rookie mistake most people make is that once they turn on the iron, they just place it on their cloth; a method which has proven to be a recipe for disaster.

All clothes have specific heat endurance. Once the heat on the metallic surface of the iron exceeds that, consider your precious cloth gone. My advice? Check the thermostat of the iron to ensure it complies with whatever fabric the cloth is made of. 


Don’t just dump washed clothes in the corner of your room. Store them properly in the wardrobe either by folding or hanging them. It is to be noted however that the storage method for clothes differs. Shirts should be folded not hung in order to prevent the material from slacking. Sweaters and other office wear like suits should be hung.

We know this should like so much hard work. However, it is essential if you don’t want to find yourself in Emeka’s shoes cursing some random person in Aba. So why not take note of our tips and save ‘em for the next time when you do your laundry?

Let us know if there’s anything you do regularly to keep your clothes alive for a longer duration. 

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