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Getting Better Rest

Tips on how to rest better

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu

Difficulty motivating yourself and being productive are topics covered in dozens of publications online. It goes without saying that these can motivate you, but if you’re exhausted, there’s no way to implement their advice. It is highly important that you get quality rest and sufficient sleep to keep your body healthy and your mind active.

More people are forgetting how to properly relax as we live in increasingly chaotic times. Insufficient sleep and downtime are experienced by both employees and students. Even after a vacation or break, many people still feel exhausted. Overworking as a phenomenon has slowly supplanted a more balanced way of life with appropriate downtime.

This post will explain the numerous strategies for getting adequate rest.


These days, it could be very tough to resist browsing through headlines. However, taking some time away from news and social media is now more crucial than ever.

Scrolling through news and social media before bed, or worse, in bed, won’t promote sound sleep habits if you’re prone to anxiety-related sleeplessness. To learn more about screen time, we have an article on it here.


Take a minute to reflect after completing a task before moving on to the next on your list. A short break is all that’s required, yet it’s a crucial chance to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Make use of it to stand up from your desk, gaze out the window, switch to a separate room, stretch, or concentrate on your breathing for a little while.


You can take a break and invite some peaceful stillness into your day by simply focusing for a short while on the pattern of your breathing. For instance, inhale deeply while counting to four, then gently exhale while counting to eight. Feel the expansion and contraction of your lungs, and see the air pouring in and the oxygen transferring to your blood. Repeat this several times while maintaining a calm, leisurely breathing pattern.


For peace, tranquillity, and clarity, aromatherapy employs essential oils.

Essential oils are inhaled through a diffuser or humidifier as part of the process. Your brain produces mood-enhancing hormones like serotonin in response to smells, which can lift your spirits and boost your mood. Aromatherapy can be used to relax you and help you unwind because of its relaxing effects. Lemon, lavender, chamomile, and cedar wood are a few examples of often-used essential oils. Essential oils relax your body and tickle your mind. Which in my opinion are great components of quality rest time.

Essential oils should be used sparingly and cautiously because of how potently they are made up of plant material. To be safe, keep essential oils away from your skin and stop using them if you experience an allergic response. Before attempting this procedure, you might want to seek advice from a qualified herbalist or doctor if you’re unclear on how to use essential oils properly.


You will not get a good night’s sleep if you overwork. Your likelihood of burnout as well as other mental and physical problems rises when you are overextended.

Working excessive hours might result in uninspired work behaviour and subpar performance. In light of this, it is preferable to halt when necessary. You should put off tasks until the following day if you feel as though you’re getting close to your limits. It’s non-advantageous to leave anything partially completed since you’ll continue to think about it subconsciously and complete it more effectively.

Resting is not just sleeping. Sometimes, you can sleep for hours only to wake up tired. Other times you can sit around doing nothing and get up feeling refreshed. It is important to know what works for your body and act accordingly. Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips to get better rest.


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