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Tonto Slams Ex-husband for Inability to Cater for Child.

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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Following the 7th birthday celebration of  Andre, King Tonto’s son, yesterday, February 17, the actress has once again taken to social media to bash her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, for posting their son on his birthday.

The actress considers this gesture from her ex a form of pretence. She believes Olakunle trying to create an impression to the public about being involved in the life of the child.

Churchill’s post caused quite a stir on social media. Some fans empathised with him and others defended Tonto Dike for refusing him access to his son. Tonto however took her time to react to this, claiming that Churchill made no efforts to reunite with his son. She states that he did not contribute to the child’s upbringing. According to her, he only celebrates the child on social media to impress the public.

She further questions him about why he does not also post his daughter from his previous marriage.

In her words, Churchill is just “a sperm donor”. She states that she regrets ever being married to him. Tonto revealed how he had reached out when she lost her mother but never cared to enquire about his son.

If you can’t be responsible for a child, you have no business in his life or owning one. I left you 7 years ago because of domestic violence and prolific cheating and having no family value as a man. If you come to gram to celebrate him, you are a deadbeat father by choice and by heart. I have always known you to be a prolific, adamant and diabolical liar who can raise the dead.”

In addition to exposing his involvement in ‘yahoo‘, the actress also reiterated that Churchill never made any financial contribution towards her. Instead, he had gone ahead to marry his PA with whom he cheated while they were married.

She also reacted to his calling their son a different name and giving her son’s name to the son of his current wife, Rosy while finally adding that she wonders if he would name his girl-child King Tonto too.

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