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Uzee Usman Cries Out Against Betrayals from Close Allies

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Nollywood actor Uzee Usman has taken to social media to lament the betrayals he has experienced from close allies.

In a heartfelt post, he expressed his frustration over how people prioritize their selfish interests without considering others, leaving individuals to fend for themselves amid challenges.

Uzee bitterly recounted how confidants exploit one’s problems instead of offering genuine support. He highlighted the pretense of care during difficult times, asking his followers if they truly care.

In the end, nobody cares. Whatever you’re going through, you’re on your own. If you talk to someone, they exploit your problems. If you don’t, you suffer in silence. People pretend to care, but they really don’t. Do you?” he wrote.

Back in February, Uzee Usman had also addressed the issue of ungrateful people constantly demanding money to fund their lifestyles. He urged these individuals to stop troubling him for money, as it was becoming overwhelming. Emphasizing that he has his own burdens, he reminded them that he is not responsible for anyone’s failures.

He strictly advised his followers to live within their means and not to marry without financial stability. Labeling the persistent beggars as ungrateful, Uzee encouraged them to work and earn a living.

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