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Verbal abuse

by Monsurat Momoh
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When talking about abuse, a lot of people do not know that verbal abuse actually exists. Some people do but they’re not accustomed to the term. So, they know it exists but they can’t exactly describe it.

Although, a significant amount of people know what verbal abuse is, we’re still going to talk about it. It occurs when someone verbally abuses, dominates, mocks, manipulates or degrades another person. Ut definitely also has a negative effect on that person’s mental well-being.

We are very quick to assume that we would know when we are being verbally abused but verbal abuse is much more than that. It can occur in any type of relationship; romantic, friendship, parent and child, teacher and student, work or official, family relationships.

Sometimes, verbal abuse brings about physical abuse because they both involve bad emotions and intentions. However, it is not always true. Because physical abuse is well, physical, people tend to think it has more effect on the victims.

This is not true as verbal abuse has as much effect as any type of abuse. One of its effects is low self esteem. Therefore it involves using words to control, frighten, hurt, demean, bully a person or a group of persons.

Examples of verbal abuse are: yelling hurtful words, swearing, screaming. It could even be with a voice as calm as cold and subtle but the meaning and the way messages are passed determine if it’s abuse or not.

It is very common for a person experiencing this abuse to feel very inadequate and worthless. Sometimes, even silly because words get to people so much that a certain percentage start believing them to be true.

In relationships, it can be confusing because there will be very lovely times. Those times could make people forget the abusive part of their partners. But then again, it’ll eventually come back. Because verbal abuse is a very typical type of abuse that gives people power over others. And what is worse than giving power to the wrong person?

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