What is an MVP?

by Ibukunoluwa Ogundare
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MVP- Most valuable product

MVP here is definitely not referring to Most Valuable Player. MVP in the product world is an acronym that means Minimum Viable Product.

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

It is the most basic version of a product or service that can be used to test out an idea and determine if there is any potential for success. Furthermore, it is a product that has just enough features to satisfy early customers. It does this in such a way that provides feedback for future product development. MVP is also the first version of a product that is released to the market so companies can test their ideas and gather valuable customer insights.

MVPs are an important part of the product development process. They allow companies to quickly validate their ideas and get feedback from real users. Subsequently, this helps them make informed decisions about what features should be included in the next version of the product. Releasing an MVP helps companies save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes in development.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps the product team quickly refine ideas from the customer’s insight after using it.

By utilizing an MVP, companies are able to create a successful product without investing too much time or money into its development. Feedback and insights from actual users of the MVP can help improve the product’s design, features, and usability. An MVP should have just enough features to attract early adopters, while also allowing teams to iterate on their idea as they receive user feedback.

An MVP should be very simple. It can be in the form of a video as in the case of Dropbox. Dropbox made a video of the concept of saving everything in the cloud. They did not have any working software. Furthermore, they only described what they wanted to build and were able to secure investors and early interested users.

An MVP could also be in the form of a landing page. This is a single page on the web describing what service you want to provide your potential customers with some basic working features. For example, a delivery company can build a simple page where people can easily other food via a call to their restaurant and have it delivered. This way they can know if their target market is interested in delivery before they start building more complicated applications.



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