What Makes Cocoa Butter Good For Your Skin?

by Frederick Akinola
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Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a popular home remedy that people use to promote healthy skin. It is a type of vegetable fat that comes from cocoa beans. Also, it is extracted from the bean by fermenting, drying, toasting, and pressing them. It is a common ingredient in lotion creams and lip balms. Cocoa butter is often recommended for sensitive skin because it’s natural and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as parabens that can irritate the skin. It won’t darken your skin as many believe. Here are some benefits of using it on your skin:

Moisturizing the Skin

More often than not, it is a core ingredient in many skin moisturizers. Some people use pure cocoa butter to help relieve dry skin. Like other natural moisturizers, such as coconut oil, cocoa butter is mostly made up of fatty acids. These fats may help form a protective layer on the skin, preventing moisture from escaping, and therefore stopping the skin from drying out.

Protects the Skin

The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture. It is also rich in natural plant compounds called phytochemicals. These substances may improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin ageing by protecting against damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV radiation can cause changes in skin texture, damage skin cells, and even increase the risk of skin cancer. The phytochemicals in cocoa butter protect against skin damage from harmful UV rays and lower your risk of skin disease.

Contains a lot of vitamins

Numerous nutrients and vitamins can be found in pure cocoa butter: vitamin E and vitamin K, choline, magnesium, copper, and iron. Iron is usually found in green leafy foods like spinach and broccoli, and is a great resource for a glowing complexion. Copper is a popular skincare ingredient for supporting healthy collagen and elastin levels for supple, bouncy skin.

Even though there is no concrete research yet many believe that it can help hair growth. It can even reduce wrinkles, marks, scars, and other spots. Also, it can be used with body scrubs body creams lip balms and ageing creams.

How to Use It

You’ll often see cocoa butter as an ingredient in body lotions and creams. It’s also an additive in some lip balms. You can rub one of these cocoa butter products on your skin or lips every day as part of your skin care regimen. Furthermore, you could also use the actual cocoa butter on your skin.

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