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Why are my partner and I always fighting?

Possible Reasons for Friction in your Relationship.

by Frederick Akinola
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Have you noticed recurring arguments and fights with your partner that seem too frequent to be normal? Sometimes petty arguments, sometimes fight, sometimes disagreements. People would say it’s a sign you’re not compatible and it’s time to call it quits. However, frequent arguments or fights might not necessarily be a sign the relationship wouldn’t work. It can actually be a sign that the relationship is healthy. Nonetheless, it is important to differentiate between the good signs and the red flags. Note the following:

1. You won’t argue if you don’t care about each other.

In this case, if you disagree without abusing each other or being physical then frequent arguments aren’t a bad thing. But if it’s physical and spiteful then there’s a problem.

2. Do you settle your differences immediately or does the argument linger?

When you have fights with your partner, how does it get resolved? If the argument lingers then that’s a red flag. Differences between you and your partner should be issue-based and arriving at a consensus shouldn’t take forever. Once an argument or fight lasts more than 24 hours with the same level of spite then it might mean there’s a problem.

3. Do you still have respect for each other?

How do you feel when a third party says something degrading about your partner? Let’s say you confide in someone about your argument and the person abuses your partner. If you don’t like it, that’s a good sign you still love and respect them. If you feel indifferent about your partner being insulted then you probably don’t have respect for them anymore. And once respect has disappeared, love dissipates into the air like a puff of smoke.

It is important to note that people’s view on relationships is subjective. But no matter what views people have, when a fight or argument is physical and spiteful then it’s a huge red flag waving in the air with loudspeakers screaming “Run for your dear life!”

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