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10 Simple But Important Tips For Saving Money

by Omolola Ajayi
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If you’re going to achieve your dreams of being financially independent and secure, you’ll not only need to earn more income, you will also need to take saving seriously. Maybe, you earn a lot already and you just don’t understand why you still live in financial uncertainty. You may be lacking on the saving end.

If you’ve just started working or earning money, this is the best time to train yourself and become a saver. Decide on a percentage you want to start saving and get on with it. don’t let anything distract you.

These 10 tips will really help you:

  • Take out your savings as soon as your earnings come in.
  • Don’t buy anything you don’t need.
  • Cook your food at home more than eating out.
  • Avoid credit cards as much as possible or avoid buying things on credit.
  • Write a list before you go shopping.
  • Avoid going shopping with friends and family members that are impulsive buyers.
  • Monitor your spending regularly. E.g., weekly or monthly
  • Plan and save separately for any big spending like vacations, cars, gifts, e.tc.
  • Don’t buy what you can’t afford.
  • Put your savings in a fixed deposit account.

Here’s a bonus tip just because you really deserve a life of peace and financial balance;
Stay on your lane and be content. Stop trying to keep up with people on a different journey and stop trying to impress the world.

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