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10 Ways Watching Movies can Build Character.

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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You know what they say: “the best way to learn is by doing”. Well, the best way to learn about movies is by actually watching them. Believe it or not, there are a ton of benefits to watching movies. In fact, movies can actually be really good for you! Here are the top 10 benefits of watching movies;

  • Movies Help You Relate to Others.

There are so many benefits of watching movies, it’s hard to know where to start. For one, movies help you relate to others. By watching a film about someone going through a similar experience as you, you can better understand their situation and feel connected to them.

Movies can also help you escape from your own life for a while. If you’re feeling down, watching a movie about someone who is having a worse day than you can make you feel better. It’s like holidaying in your own living room!

  • Movies Help You Bond With Family and Friends.

When you and your family and friends gather around to watch a movie, it’s like a mini-vacation from the real world. You get to experience different places, cultures, and time periods without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Plus, movie nights are a great way to bond with the people you care about. You can share in the laughter, the tears, and the popcorn. And who knows – you might even learn something new about each other.

  • Movies Take You to Other Worlds.

Imagine for a second that you’re in a dark theatre, all alone. The room is cool, and the seats are comfortable. You settle in, get comfortable, and then… the movie starts.

The lights go down, and the projector screen comes to life. Suddenly, you’re no longer in your seat – you’re on an epic adventure with your favourite heroes. You’re soaring through the sky on a dragon, or running away from zombies in downtown Los Angeles.

Movies are a great way to escape the everyday stresses of life. They take us to other worlds, where we can forget our troubles and just enjoy the ride.

  • Movies Help You Understand Different Perspectives.

When it comes to understanding different perspectives, movies are one the best tools in your arsenal. By watching films from around the world, you can get a glimpse into the lives of people who live completely different lives than you do.

You can see how they think, how they feel, and how they interact with the world around them. And the more perspectives you can understand, the more empathetic you’ll become.

  • Movies Help You Develop Language Skills.

When you watch a movie in a foreign language with subtitles, you are training your brain to read and comprehend quickly. This is beneficial because it increases your reading speed and helps you develop better comprehension skills.

Plus, it’s just really fun to be able to watch a movie without having to read the subtitles. You can focus on the action and the story without being distracted by the text on the bottom of the screen. It’s like getting two benefits for the price of one!

  • Movies Help You Learn About Other Cultures.

Imagine you’re a filmmaker. You’ve just finished your latest movie, and you’re eager to get it out there for the world to see. But first, you need to do some market research. So you pop it into your DVD player and settle down for a night of watching.

After a few hours, you realize that your movie is bombing – big time. People just aren’t interested in watching films about pirates or aliens or prehistoric monsters. In fact, they seem downright disgusted by them. What went wrong?

Well, as it turns out, you made a mistake in your casting choices. The audience is full of people who want to see films about their own cultures, not those of other people. Oops!

Movies are a great way to learn about other cultures – even if you’re not a filmmaker. By watching films from other parts of the world, you can see how different people live and what they value. You can also learn about their customs and religions, and get a glimpse of their day-to-day lives.

  • Movies Help You Explore Different Genres.

You’ve all heard the saying, ” broaden your horizons .” And what’s a better way to do that than by watching movies? With a never-ending stream of new films coming out every week, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into period pieces, rom-com, or horror movies, there’s a film genre out there for you to explore.

Not sure where to start? Why not check out some of the latest movies on Netflix? You can find everything from African comedies to international thrillers. So grab some popcorn and get exploring.

  • Movies Help You Develop Your Analytical Skills.

Yes, movies can help you develop your analytical skills. In order to fully appreciate a movie, you need to be able to break it down and understand the different elements that make it tick.

For example, what are the cinematography, sound design, and editing like? How does the story unfold? What are the themes and messages being communicated?

By dissecting movies in this way, you’re essentially training your brain to become a more critical thinker. And that’s a skill that will come in handy not just in the movie theatre, but in life as well.

  • Movies Are a Great Form of Entertainment.

Hey, you! Yeah, you. The one scrolling through social media instead of working, who’s tired and stressed from a long day at the office. The one who’s wondering what the point of it all is.

We’ve got news for you: the answer is movies. That’s right, movies are the answer to all of life’s questions. And the best part is, they’re cheap and easy to access. All you need is a phone or a computer and an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

After reading this post, we hope you’ll be convinced that there are major benefits to watching movies. And not just any movies – the right movies. So go out and rent or buy a few flicks that we recommended, pop some popcorn, and get ready to enjoy some of the best benefits that watching movies has to offer.

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