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5 ways to know fresh fruits

by Oroboghene Ejovi
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Deciding on which fruits to pick from a basket that contains over a hundred apple should be considered an extreme sport. Often time we even get home and find out that we’ve made the worst possible picking choice. Well, we can’t really be blamed, I mean all the fruits looked really nice on show and it seemed like the definite perfect choice. Good news now is after reading this article, you would have armed yourself with the tools you need to select fresh fruits. Here are 5 ways to know fresh fruit:


First thing you notice on the fruit is definitely the colour. Perhaps, you might be shopping for red apples and you do find apples only that they are yellow. Of course, you wouldn’t want those. Colour is a very big tell on the quality of the fruits (with the exception of different variants of the particular fruit of course). A slight change in the colour tone of the fruit or parts of the fruits can and in most cases would mean a lot. Being careful with the colour of the fruit is the first step. So, except you are looking for something else, you know how your fruit should look like. Do not buy anything else.


fruit weight

Imagine picking up a supposedly large watermelon and it’s as light as a bunch of banana. That is a definite red flag for fruits. The weight of the fruit tells a lot about its content. Who knows what is missing from that watermelon that makes it as light as that? Weighing your fruits first will help you lean closer to the side of making a right choice.

  1. SMELL

fruit smell

We often do not agree with foods or fruits, in this case, that do not appeal to our noses as we are often quick to raise our first scoop of a strange plate of food to our noses to verify it’s suitable to eat. Same thing should apply to your fruits. A subtle nose check of your fruit would most likely answer the question of whether that fruit is fresh or not. If you perceive something other than the sweet fragrance of pineapples when you lift the pineapple to your nose, then you most definitely should buy it.


Picking up the fruit and giving it a really gentle squeeze would not hurt at all. If the fruit is firm and sturdy to an extent then it’s likely still fresh. A fruit with a squishy inside does not really advocate freshness. The outer texture matters too, perhaps the skin of the fruit might be peeling off already when it’s not supposed to. Make sure to feel your fruit before you plan on eating them.

  1. SHINE

You would agree that mango just plucked from the tree would have a particular shine to it than one that has been stored for days. Often times, it is that simple to identify apples or grapes by that glossy look it has. Time takes that shine away from fruits and if by chance you come across a really pale looking apple or grape, then that is definitely a big no.


Everybody should be extra careful about what we eat. It can make all the difference in our lives. So now you know to be on the lookout for these signs and you can’t go wrong with fruits picks

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