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The Gospel of “Love” According to Jesus.

Are you Practising the Love Jesus taught or Should I mind My Business?

by Hadassah Ibrahim
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I don’t know if it’s an evolution thing that led to today, if humans were created this way or if it’s the fruit Adam and Eve ate that started the drama. Jesus came to preach one gospel, just one, the gospel of “Love”. It was the foundation and groundwork of his entire preaching and yet we have many many Christians who claim to be Christians who are devoid of it. If there’s a hell, it’ll be the resting ground for many a Christian. There was a recent story about a driver that killed an entire family for 1.5M naira. Naira o.

Because, how do you call yourself a believer when there is no love in you? Many of the ‘testimonies’ we hear coming from the altar are heavily dependent on the misfortune, failure and pain of others. Yet people feel so proud to stand there and say,

‘Many have…’, “A lot of people…”, “We were three but it’s only me that…”.

This is of course not to say we shouldn’t be grateful or give testimonies but the way a lot of people do the testimony giving is just weird if you really think about it. It’s giving a serious case of self-entitlement and in some cases makes me feel like these people really do not care what happens to others as long as it doesn’t happen to them. We all know how Jesus loved those around Him in humility without humiliating them. How then do we claim to walk like Christ I our talking point is humiliating others?

So yes, there are some testimonies a person should not give.

And if you must, give the testimony as a prayer for the person who was unfortunate for the sake of your ‘grace’ rather than gloats about it. Again I might be wrong in my thought process and this may just be random. But Nigeria has some of the biggest churches in the world. We have some of the best vibes an entire community can claim to have. We are happy, jovial cruise-loving people. And yet, some of the stories we see are just disheartening. Perhaps this is just a reminder about how Jesus loves.

What do you think? Am I overthinking it? Or it is just what it is?

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