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by Ibukunoluwa Ogundare
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Content marketing is the most effective marketing module. It is very subtle in its mode of marketing while delivering the intended message to the subconscious mind. 

Blogs, emails, newsletters, social media posts, and case studies are some of the examples of content we see around daily. We engage with them without even knowing they are actually a marketing tool. This is because a lot of research work is put in place to deliver value in the form of content. 

A typical buyer will most likely do some research before purchasing any product. This is the first stage of the buying process. This is where content marketing begins. The goal at this stage is not to convince but to inform. Provide relevant information for the person seeking to make a decision. An article on the benefits of medicated soap would be a good content marketing strategy for a soap company. 

Once you establish your brand as an authority through relevant channels, the individual would over time trust your brand. It will be easier for them to believe you can deliver on the job efficiently and effectively. Some people will advertise your brand to friends and family because you were able to build trust via content creation. 

Content marketing is not magic.

It takes time for it to bring returns on the investment made. Content marketing establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell. Content should either entertain, educate, inspire or convince, depending on the stage of the funnel your buyers are. 

There are  five types of content marketing;
  • Infographics.
  • Blog content.
  • Podcasts.
  • Videos.
  • Social media.

Great content should have a well-defined goal. Content marketing should always start with identifying the customer’s needs. This will help in determining how your content creation should go. Once the goal is defined, research on what is obtainable and what people want is the next thing. After gathering the relevant data, create the required content and distribute it using the best methods. 

One key thing that makes for great content and is a key ingredient in every content is a call to action. For every content marketing attempt you make, there must always be a call to action. This acts as a link that connects people to your product, an action that gets them to interact with your product. It could be: Like this post, follow us or drop a comment or subscribe to this channel. Never forget to include a CTA(call to action) in your content. 

If you learned something new from this, let me know what it is in the comment section.

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1 comment

Venchi January 10, 2023 - 11:54 am

Good write up that’s useful

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