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Dear Women, Your Financial Stability and Freedom is VERY IMPORTANT…2

by Omolola Ajayi
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A lot of women have turned to begging to feed their children after the death of a wealthy husband because they never paid attention or were never informed about the many resources that belonged to the family. They just received a weekly or monthly allowance and never cared about anything else. If you know your financial status, you may discover that you need to put in more work to bring more money for your security.


Your financial plan must include a concrete plan for how to save out of your (personal or family) income. Disasters and accidents usually come unexpectedly; having a saving culture will help you to be better prepared for the money demands that may come up in the process. A saving woman is very valuable because she can save the family in times of trouble.


One of the best ways to secure the future financially is to put your money where you can earn more money. Whether you are working woman, a student or a stay-at-home wife, learn how to invest. Whether you set up something that brings in a regular income for you or you put your money into legitimately profitable opportunities, learn to invest.
Don’t say it’s not for a woman; that your investment may be the saving grace for your life or family someday.

Learn from others

Don’t hear others people’s stories and just use it for gossip and mockery; learn from them. That woman whose husband died and she had to sell everything to get by, that one that was driven out with nothing or that one who was able to stabilize the family and help her husband when he fell sick and couldn’t work again; these are all stories to instruct and help you take steps to prevent such from happening to you.
Learn from others; don’t just discuss people, pity them or laugh at them.

Have an emergency-fund

Trouble hardly ever announces itself. It is only those that have taken precautions by preparing that are able to ride out the storm faster and easier.

Don’t spend all that you get, don’t allow your husband or household to spend all that you get. Learn to have savings; a regular savings pot and a special savings that is strictly reserved for serious emergencies. If you are married, you will be doing yourself a favour if you have one personally, apart from the one for the household. Doing this may turn out to be life-saver for you when you have a personal need like an unexpected divorce/separation or a situation where you can help your spouse when the family purse is stretched thin. You’ll be glad that you set something aside personally on such days.

Don’t be lazy

Lazy people can easily be enslaved. Always be ready to pull your own weight and make meaningful contributions to your life and family. Don’t shy away from work; that is how you earn money. Even as a housewife, you can find something to do – it can even be as simple as managing the resources that are put in your care more judiciously so that your family can have more to save.
Once you’re hardworking and creative, you can and will be able to meet your needs and overcome challenges. When there is a need to work or work harder, please take it up. At the end of it all, you will so glad you did.
Financial freedom is something every woman should desire and pursue because without freedom, life cannot be meaningful and secure.

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