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Finding Your Voice

by Monsurat Momoh
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Finding your voice does not mean that you have been mute all your life or you do not speak at all. In my opinion, it refers to many things. Finding your voice can refer to learning to speak up for yourself when it is needed. No, I am not talking about being rude, dismissive or raising your voice. Do you know people who never yell but are heard when they speak? I do.

It could also mean creating a name or brand for yourself. To some people, finding your voice could refer to creativity. Through music, writing, and drawing; basically following their passion and dreams. Like a lot of things, I believe it can be relative. Which means it could vary from individual to individual.

‘Find your voice‘ generally means having the courage to speak up. I like to think regardless of the situation people find themselves in, there are some people who will always speak up. Reasons, why people hold back their voices or opinions, vary from person to person. The common one is fear. The fear of being ridiculed by others can lead you into cowering and hiding your opinions. What you do not know is people will always be “judgy”.

If you accept that when people are right, they could still be criticized, will you not consider speaking up? You see, letting your voice out has a lot more advantages when compared to the reason why we hold back. It boosts your confidence and makes you self-assured.

Also, it could help increase self-esteem. The constant fear of being criticised can reduce the level of self-esteem an individual has. Speaking up and finding your voice will help decrease constant self-awareness and increase self-positivity. Now, finding the balance between finding your voice and being plain impolite is key.

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