The Best Formal Colours for your Formal Events

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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formal dressing

Formal dressing can sometimes be quite boring, but they’re also really important. When you’re wearing formal clothing, you need to make sure that your outfit looks good and is appropriate for the situation. There are many ways of doing this, ranging from the simple (no stripes) to the complicated (wide lapels). More importantly, the colours you choose to wear also go a long way in aiding your appearance. Here are five of the best colours to choose if you want to appear formal.


White is a great colour to wear at work and on the weekends. It’s formal, but can be worn with anything—you might not even realize you’re wearing white. White also makes any event feel more special when it’s paired with a colour that stands out, like red or blue. For example, if you’re attending a wedding in which most people will be wearing black or navy blue suits at some point during the day (or evening), then those colours will look great against your white dress shirt—and vice versa.

White is also an excellent choice for summertime events because it goes well with almost any outfit–from shorts to denim jeans and sandals.


Black is a classic colour that looks good on everyone. It’s also the easiest colour to dress up, so you can wear it with any outfit from jeans and t-shirt in the summer to a suit in the winter without looking out of place.

Black is also an excellent choice if you want to dress up for work or formal events where there will be people who aren’t as comfortable with their own sartorial choices as you are.


Red is a bold and confident colour, making it a great choice for formal wear. It’s also powerful in its own right. A symbol of strength and passion, red can be worn with black or white to create contrast in an outfit. Though it may look good on all skin tones, red looks especially handsome when paired with other colours (like blue). This makes it easier to find something that completes your look while keeping you feeling like you’re all dressed up. 

Red is one of those colours that works well across genders as well. Whether you’re wearing something bright or muted, this shade will complement your features nicely without overpowering them at all.

Gold and/or Silver

Gold and silver are formal colours, so they go well together. If you want to wear gold, choose a light-coloured suit or shirt that is in the same family as your gold shoes. This can make your outfit more versatile while still being cohesive enough for work events or other social gatherings.

Yellow or saffron

Yellow and saffron are two formal colours that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Saffron is a bright orange colour. Both colours are used in India and other parts of Asia for formal wear purposes, but they’re not necessarily common choices for Westerners—especially if you’re looking to impress at work!

If you’d like to try out this look yourself, make sure your outfit is sparkling clean. Remove any lint or dirt from clothing items so that there aren’t any distractions when trying on different pieces. You may also want to wear white socks with some black shoes as well. This colour combination works well together because it doesn’t clash with either piece’s colour scheme like red would.

Formal clothes are boring. They’re a uniform, and they don’t look good on everyone. Formal clothing isn’t fun or comfortable, especially if you’re wearing it to go out or party at night. It’s also expensive and not practical for everyday use because it doesn’t fit right in your wardrobe outside work days.

It’s true that formal dressing does have its place—like when attending an important event where you need professional attire for work purposes in order for your business/company reputation to be upheld—but those occasions are few and far between.

Formal dressing is a lot of work. It takes time to find the right colour, and it takes even more time to coordinate your outfit with the rest of your outfit.

However, if you are looking for something different from your usual black business suit or if you want to stand out from all those boring white tuxedos and dresses at weddings then consider these great choices!

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