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Benefits of drinking hot water II

by Monsurat Momoh
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Drinking hot water has more health benefits than taking in cold water but I doubt people are ready for such discussions. Why?

Because cold water is life. Why would we take hot water in the heat everywhere in Nigeria? It’s always hot and cold water help us regulate our temperature. Or so we think. You can read up on the first part of the benefits of drinking hot water here.

Other than the cooling effect cold water gives us and the sore throat or cough, how important is cold water? In a previous article, a few reasons why drinking hot water is better than having cold water are listed.
Here are a few more reasons to finally convince you.

  • Reduces menstrual pain: For women who go through agonizing pain every month to let go of something we have no power over, using hot water can ease menstruation cramps. The abdominal muscles are calmed and soothed by the heat of the water, which eventually aids in the relief of cramps and spasms. Taking it in or just having a bottle of hot water resting on your belly would prove how true this is.
  • Helps age slower:

    Drinking hot water aids in the regeneration of skin cells that are damaged by dangerous, free radicals and promotes skin flexibility. Your injured skin then becomes smoother.

    Additionally, using hot water to flush out toxins that hasten aging.

  • Reduces acne and pimples:

    Your body is thoroughly cleansed by hot water, which also gets rid of the underlying infections that lead to acne. The advantages for your skin just keep increasing.

  • Hair vitality and health:

    A good way to get soft, lustrous hair is to drink hot water. It activates and energizes the nerve terminals in your hair roots. This helps to maintain the health of your hair and restore its natural vigor.

  • Bowel ease:

    Speaking of digestion, drinking hot water can help you maintain regularity and make your bowel motions painless and healthy.

    Constipation issues might become persistent as a result of dehydration.

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