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Fruits and its importance

by Monsurat Momoh
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Fruits appear in various sizes, forms and shapes and as such, there are no limits. What is even more gratifying are the colors. From red, green, yellow, brown? Usually, there is no excuse to avoid fruits.

With my sweet tooth, I like sweet fruits like oranges and pineapples just because of their sweetness. Fruits can be taken as breakfast or dinner, as snacks or as side meals to help you balance your meals.

Considering my saying that the bitter it is, the better, fruits like cucumber are stocked with health benefits.  Fruits like apples, pears help in weight reduction.
It also isn’t age limiting. This means that anyone can eat fruits. Cultivating the habit of eating fruits amongst your children can help develop them into healthy adults with very inspiring lifestyles.

They do not need to be cooked so for a lazy person like you, they’re definitely worth it. And to top it all, fruits have massive health benefits so much that, I think they top the list of things that keep us healthy and in form.

Reasons why fruits are good for you

  • They lower the risk of getting diseases

    Fruits help reduce reduce your blood pressure and the risk of cancer.

  • They keep you hydrated

    Water in fruits like watermelon help keep you hydrated. Apples are also a good source of fruits that can keep you healthy and hydrated.

  • High in fibre

    To help with healthy bowels, we need to take in sources of fibre. With this, fruits in fibre and low calories will help you lose weight and feel more agile.

  • You feel more energized

    Compared to unhealthy food which make us question our bodies, fruits will help you take control of your body, keeping you energized.

Some people believe that fruits and vegetables are only spoken off or eaten when weight loss or exercises are mentioned. That is partly true but to live a healthier lifestyle, consider taking fruits.

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