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Global Warming and the Environment

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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When we think of global warming, we usually think of its negative impact on our environment and economy. But scientists have been monitoring climate for about as long as humans have existed. The earth’s atmosphere is constantly changing as it warms up and cools down, which causes the earth’s surface to shift slightly each year.

These changes in temperature, combined with greenhouse gas emissions, produce an overall climate condition we now refer to as climate change. As a result, most of the world has experienced climate change in the past century or two. The energy used to power modern society is also part of the global warming equation. As more people continue to burn fossil fuels to produce electricity and heat for their homes, carbon emissions continue to increase. 

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the movement of air and land masses away from the equator with a shift in the weather associated with it. The climate system is made up of the air and land parts called the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean surface. The air is made up of air molecules which are made up of oxygen, nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide. The landmass is made up of plant and animal life which are made up of plant carbon and animal methane.

Climate change is the actual exchange of these two primary molecules taking place on the surface of the Earth. A change in the air pressure can send parts of the soil directly upward causing the growth of trees and shrubs. However, changes in the soil’s fertility can cause lower-lying areas to be barren. The ocean surface is made up of stocks of carbon and oxygen which are then turned into energy at sea level. The ability of pieces of carbon and oxygen to stick to one another is what makes our planet so warm.

How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Environment?

The amount of energy released by burning fossil fuels is also increasing. This increase means that the amount of carbon in the air and the ground is increasing as well. The oceans are also being affected because more of them are becoming less able to absorb carbon dioxide. This is largely a result of dwindling sea life due to human activities also.

This is why Europe and the U.S. are experiencing increasingly cold winters as the climate warms. Polar Regions of the Arctic and Antarctic are being negatively impacted by climate change with a reduction in the region’s ability to retain sea ice.

Global Warming and the Environment.

Climate change is happening directly in front of our eyes as more people use the internet and other technologies. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the amount of carbon naturally emitted into the air and the water as people live and work in cities. As people’s lifestyles evolve to become more reliant on electricity, gas, and other forms of fossil fuels, the carbon footprint is likely to increase. These fossil fuels are also currently responsible for about 40% of global carbon emissions.

The carbon being emitted is expected to increase by about 10% per decade. Control of global weather patterns is closely tied to the amount of carbon emissions currently happening in the air and the sea. As these two continue to move closer to their equilibrium levels, the Earth’s climate will remain colder and drier for most of the year.

What Actions Can be taken to combat Climate Change?

There are two main things that can be done to combat climate change. The first is to keep this in mind when making plans for the future. The more resilient the ecosystem, the better it will be able to manage changes in the environment. This means having strategies in place to deal with environmental issues like climate change, and deforestation. This can be done through afforestation and conversion of human-made areas to reserves. The other major way that humans are changing the Earth’s climate system is through the burning of fossil fuels. 

People around the world are more sensitive to changes in their environment than ever before. Generations of people have been relying on electricity and clean water for survival. With the introduction of fossil fuels and the ability to burn them for energy, people no longer need to rely on those resources for their survival. The environment is being altered as a result of this increase in energy supply.

More technologies are changing the climate system. This is causing more and more carbon emissions to be released into the air and the water. These changes in climate can and will affect the quality of life for everyone living around the globe. With a rapid pace of change, it’s important to be aware of everything happening. This will enable you to take steps to adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

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