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Handling a toxic relationship

by Monsurat Momoh
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Why are relationships made? To express ourselves. To experience people and to explore various options by having people share out joy and regret with us. One would then expect that handling toxic relationships wouldn’t be a topic.

As already explained previously, relationships are not all romantic as we can have friendships, platonic relationships, acquaintances and work relationships.

What does it mean when relationships become toxic?  With every type of relationship, arguments and problems come forth and how it ends matters a lot. Some end up making the friendship stronger and better. Others ruin relationships.  It is important to note that whatever turns a relationship takes may be normal.

Toxic relationships refer to relationships in which you feel unsupported, attacked, demeaned or misunderstood. It could be subtle jabs here and there. When you begin to feel anxious when meeting your friends and I don’t mean the good type of anxiety, that’s not healthy.

Healthy relationships consist of fights and struggles but not all the time. There should always be a balance. In fact, a lot of good and less bad is great. There do not always have to be troubling times.

Monica believed she was a great friend to Mathilda and as such, she did the best she could. Mathilda thought Monica’s behaviour was too upright so she became toxic to her. So, she cut everything off.

In this situation, isn’t it safe to say that no party is wrong? Because no matter how you say it or think about it, no one did anything wrong. Personally, I’d never do well with toxic relationships because I can’t stand it when I’m uncomfortable. Those kinds of relationships would make any person feel that way.

How do we then handle toxic relationships? We get rid of them. You could hold on for as long as you can but they never do any good, anyway. Eventually, your mental, physical and emotional health would be at stake. So, what good is a relationship that shakes you negatively?

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