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Handling rejection

by Monsurat Momoh
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Handling rejection basically is the same thing in all situations. No matter how you think about it, how calculating you are or how well you can handle rejection, it still hurts.

You tried your very best in that one interview but got the “I’m sorry but we can’t take you” email? Or perhaps you really like someone and you approached him or her but they have never thought of you that way? You wanted to be close friends with someone and they just happen to have enough friends? Maybe you needed support and your family couldn’t give that to you.

These are all obviously different scenarios but the hurt is most likely the same and they might even seem very huge at that moment. However, allowing one rejection to undermine your self-worth and prevent you from living your life can have far-reaching effects.

In fact, handling rejection unhealthily can harm your relationships with others and, in certain situations, even lead to depression and anxiety.

Even though it hurts, being rejected might be the turning point you look back on later on in life. It can be the confidence boost you need to become better than you already are. You just need to know how to positively channel your emotions.

The next time you hear “no” from someone you care about a lot you will not hurt as much. The next time you miss a wonderful opportunity or an interview, you would be equipped to handle the feeling.

With romantic relationships,  like finally telling your crush you really like them, sometimes, it could work both ways.

People think it is always better to push harder and let them know how you really feel. Since it is not necessarily rejection if you are eventually accepted.

Truth is, sometimes, you do need to accept that rejection and move forward. As hurtful as it may be, people have the right to not want you or to be with you. No matter how amazing you are.

So instead of pushing and acting out the way you would not act in a normal circumstance, giving up to grow better is not at all bad.

How did you overcome the rejections you’ve gotten?

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