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Why am I not losing weight?!

Reasons why you're not losing weight fast enough

by Monsurat Momoh
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To show results, losing weight takes time and consistency. For some bodies, it takes about 3 months while for others, it may take longer or less time, depending on their body structure and how well they balance their exercise and calorie intake.

Contrary to popular assumption, it may not be that you are not exercising enough if the result for you seems to be taking longer than expected. It is important to understand that weight loss is a journey that is different for each individual.

The truth is that without modifying your diet and lifestyle, exercising itself may not give you all the results you want.

The first step is to start by recognizing the challenging aspects that might be limiting your weight reduction journey before you can begin fixing them. To fully understand your body, workout routine, and lifestyle routine. Here are a few possible reasons why you may not be losing weight fast enough.

  • Stress

Stress causes a lot of health problems which could include stopping weight loss. To further prepare, it is necessary to identify what causes you stress and get rid of it. Losing weight takes time and consistency and stressing yourself out doubles the time/consistency it would normally take.

  • Late night eating 

Other than the uncomfortable feeling we may get from eating late, late-night food can hinder our weight loss goals. Setting a time frame and limit for when we allow ourselves to eat and to stop eating and then sticking to it helps us develop healthy habits. I would suggest that you make it a point of duty to not eat any heavy calorie substance anytime from 7pm. You can use fruits and water as a better substitute.

  • Alcohol intake

Like food, it is important to cut down on alcohol consumption to faster lose weight. Since it is not expected that you quit alcohol completely or immediately then perhaps, once a week could help you balance. If you’re finding it difficult to completely break it off, start with taking half the quantity you normally take, then halve that and halve that again till you can take it off completely

  • Lack of sleep

For weight loss to work over the long run, proper sleep, exercise, and a good diet are essential parts of your everyday living. Not sleeping well is giving your body less time to recuperate. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

Your weight loss journey would demand a lot of you, physically and possibly even mentally, just like with any positive development. Remember your objective at all times, and make sure to only do it in the healthiest manner possible.

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