Simple Chores Around the Home You can Involve your Children in.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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While raising your kids, one of the ways to help them build character and a sense of responsibility is by teaching them to do house chores. Trust me, you can never go wrong with teaching them to do house chores. It may be as little as asking them to set the table for breakfast or dinner or dusting the cabinet.

We recently discussed how parenting kids in this social media century can be a bit difficult. In that post, we talked about how you can adequately help your children navigate the sphere without stunting their social growth. Here, we talk about ways you can keep your children well-grounded in the physical world too. In terms of house chores, you may choose to give them what to do or allow them to choose for themselves from a list. This is because giving them room to choose what to do gives them more motivation and teaches them control. Not only that, but all these also increase their critical thinking skills and empathy as well as help them be self-reliant.  Below are some of the house chores you may engage your kids in:


You may engage them in tasks such as watering plants, weeding or harvesting fruits. In the process of doing this, children tend to appreciate their natural environment as well as the source of their food.


Personally,  I do not consider cooking a valuable life skill to be taught to the girl-child alone because everyone needs food to survive, hence, the boy-child should also be made to participate in this process. It is after all one of the chores in the house.

At a young age, you can teach them to do basic things like crack eggs, butter slices of bread or stir mixtures.  Start by teaching them easy recipes until they can handle more complex ones with little or no supervision.

It takes one who is patient, disciplined and adherent to instructions to turn out a good cook, these are some of the qualities your kids would imbibe.

Arranging, Cleaning and  Dusting.

Engaging your kids in the arrangement, cleaning and dusting process would help them become better organised, neat and detailed. 

There are of course other house chores you can involve them in from time to time. For the future of society though, involving them is highly important.

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