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How are you?

by Monsurat Momoh
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Today, someone asked me “how are you?”. I proceeded to answer my usual “I’m fine” but i couldn’t. Because I’m not sure if i would be lying or if I’m truly fine. On a very normal day, it is easy to just reply and move on. However, today, it was hard. I’ll just take it as one of those things that just happened.

I’m not here to bore you with a sad story, today. Well, that depends on what you call sad. Let’s talk about how gratifying it is to hear “how are you doing?” or “are you fine?” Have you ever had a very emotional, long day, you’re exhausted and you’re barely holding on? I can very well relate to this because as the dramatic person that i am, i am always on the verge of tearing up.

A few months ago, a friend of mine was missing and i had so many scenarios go through my head. Other than talking physically, i had never texted or called to ask her how she is doing. So, when i heard the news, wasn’t it normal to ask myself “are you actually a friend like this?

I didn’t want to lose a friend to depression or anything related to that, so, i prayed for her well-being. Eventually, she came back healthy and i cultivated the habit of asking everyone i thought of how they’re doing without expecting anything back, of course.

Somehow, i have realised that one out of the few people i care about always has something to say. I still get the “I’m fine” conversations which is totally fine but now, i have learnt to prioritise my friends and work more on myself. Thereby improving my communication skills and my personal life as a whole.

You don’t necessarily have to adopt this style of communication but have you asked someone “how are you today?” Are you thinking “no one has asked me how I’m even doing today?” Let me ask you then, how are you doing today?

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