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Love or Money?

by Monsurat Momoh
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Love or Money? Money or Love? Isn’t this such a controversial issue that can burn already burnt bridges? If you are new to our blog, welcome. If you have read a few of my articles, you can already tell. I do adore wahala because someone has to talk about it, eventually. I’ll go first.

If someone had asked teenage me, she would say “What sort of question is this? Love, of course”. And then she would walk away angrily and think she’s met the most stupid person on earth. Up until she clocks 20. Yeah, life has a way of telling you things as you grow older.

If you ask adult me, right now. You’d never get an answer from me, instead, what i am completely sure of is you’d never get a response like the one above.

If you ask a comfortable person, he’d probably say love because what’s there to worry about if money’s been taken care off.

If you ask a very poor man which is more important, he’d probably call you crazy and tell you the obvious answer is money.

The problem with this topic isn’t picking one of the two. The actual problem is how other persons regard the other choosing party.  So, I choose money, and you think I’m a gold digger. Okay, I choose love but you think I’m stupid because in reality, money facilitates love?

Wouldn’t it be better to just pick both? Instead of love or money, how about Love AND Money? I mean, that sounds even better.

Love is everlasting. Check out the divorce rates all over world. They keep increasing and everyone claims “they were in love”. How funny is that? If they were asked this question, would they say more love?

Is money a better option? Ever met people who worked their asses off but never earned enough?  Wouldn’t they say more money?

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