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How do you clear your mind?

by Monsurat Momoh
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When your head starts hurting from all the thinking you do all day, how do you clear your mind? Sometimes you don’t even have to think so much about work, it could be something entirely different.

Truthfully, my head always feels like it’s full. Because I worry most of the time. The reason why is just associated with the basic issues citizens face in Nigeria. Oh and life itself.

Like a lot of things, clearing the mind varies from person to person. For some, good old sleep works well. And for others, it works very well. Just when they’re asleep.

Life and stress work together. Just cause yours isn’t as hard as another’s doesn’t mean it’s not stressful. It still is. Want to know a few tips to help clear your mind? You’re right on time.

  • Try Writing

Writing can be very therapeutic. When I have a lot of thoughts coming in and I have no way to get rid of them, I write them out. Sometimes, it feels like the burden is reduced, you know? No one is going to read them.  It’s just me and my feelings.
Also, putting your thoughts down can help organize your thoughts into more constructive ones.

  • Explore with music

I’ll never quiet down about how music always lifts the mood and how there are perfect songs for every mood.

  • Take a walk

Walk in the evening is as refreshing as a shower. Feeling the cool breeze and maybe staring at the sky can be very soothing. I know not everyone would have the luxury of walking down a quiet path but something should suffice. You just need to figure it out.

  • Talk to someone about it

Similar to writing, talking about your thoughts can help clear your mind. Find a trusted person and let it all out. Cry if you want, it doesn’t matter. If you need to talk to someone and you can’t find the perfect fit, I’m here. I’m a total stranger. I’ll listen to you without judging you.

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