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Recognising a Toxic Work Environment (Pt 1).

by HardeyhorlahLizzy

Toxic work environments are workspaces where negativity thrives and reveals itself as an intrinsic part of the work culture.  Occasionally, we find ourselves in toxic workplaces with no idea such exists there. However, a snap back into the workplace experience may bring you to the realisation of this, particularly now that the subject is more open for discussion.

Work by its very definition is not naturally a place where any of us wants to be. When it is an environment inundated with high-stress levels, infighting, and discrimination, it becomes even less appealing. It can lead to a lack of trust and teamwork amongst employees which reduces productivity.  These all have an effect on the organisation itself and not just the employees.  A toxic work environment is sure to be bedevilled with low-quality work, a decrease in productivity and dissatisfaction among employees.

A person who works in this type of environment is likely to suffer humiliation or rejection for speaking up, raising concerns, sharing ideas or just being themselves at work.  If you’re yet to determine whether or not toxicity exists in your workplace, chances are, they do. However, here are some signs to look out for;

Lack of Boundaries around Work.

If the organisation, prioritises its work over your personal life or schedule in almost EVERY circumstance, this may be a sign of toxicity. A management that prioritises work over everything else may also expect their team to do the same without giving consideration to their personal space. It may involve expectations for employees to stay late at work. They may occasionally even demand employees make themselves available all through the week with no regard to their off-work time. Consequently, you find yourself getting more and more burned out.

Gossip Amongst Employees.
This is one of the major tell signs of a toxic work environment. The prevalence of gossip can be really draining and affect the level of productivity in an organisation. This may be owing to factors such as a wrong hire, lack of clarity of vision, goal or strategy and so on, it is important that the manager in this case corrects things early before it spirals into a serious problem.
Passive Aggressive Behaviour.
Toxic work environments can sometimes feature passive-aggressive behaviour and verbal attacks from the heads of departments. Managers must be aware of these signs and act swiftly. The well-being of employees should be considered and managers should be more empathetic to lessen the damage that can be done to individuals in toxic work environments.
To be Continued!

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