Important Tips on Training Your Brain.

by Frederick Akinola
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A meditating woman - training your Brain.

The brain is the most important organ of the body. For a human to fully function, their brain needs to be healthy and working properly. The following are some activities we can use to train the brain and make it more effective.


There is no shortcut to knowledge but studying. There will always be a stark difference between people who read regularly and people who don’t. When you read, you exercise your brain. You keep it active. Knowledge is like nutrients to your brain, to keep it healthy and alive.


Writing helps the brain to remember. The action of putting words down on paper helps with memory retention. No wonder when a person reads and writes, they are more retentive compared to someone who doesn’t write.


The mind gets used to a routine quicker than it does to disorganization. When an activity takes place in repetition, the brain gets used to it. Therefore the brain needs to be fed with wholesome activity and habits that will keep it healthy. Negative activity will surely have a negative effect on the brain. The first direction to this is getting organised. This way you can boost your productivity without trying too hard.


Regular exercise is critical to the overall performance of the body. It helps the body work more freely. It helps blood flow to the brain, thus enhancing brain health. Therefore, if a person wants to have a properly functioning brain, they need to take exercise seriously. Brain exercise is also important, especially for older ones, carrying out activities that help keep the brain sharp, for example; puzzle solving, mathematics, and drawing.


Researchers and mental health professionals are warning us that these persistent distractions have a downside; they have seriously eroded our ability to concentrate, and that’s a big problem. Begin with awareness about what specifically you may be doing to sabotage personal concentration, and then implement steps towards changing your behaviour. This means deliberately reducing distractions and being more self-disciplined about your use of social media.

Training your brain might seem like a tedious thing at first. this is mainly because it is new and not so exciting. In fact, It can downright be tedious hard work. Once you get used to it though, it can literally be the key to your success. Let e know in the comment section what you think of these tips.

1 comment

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