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Is having anxiety a bad thing?

by Monsurat Momoh
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Many people believe that anxiety is a total bad thing. Because environment, norms and beliefs determine how an individual thinks, we cannot blame them. So, these thoughts cause them to further push away the fact that anxiety is a normal thing. Doesn’t denying something make it hard to ignore?

Occasionally, it is all right to experience anxiety because it is life and it will definitely shake you sometimes. An average person should feel anxious more than once, in a day. You have an interview. You are going on a date. You want to confront someone.  You have a meeting with your boss, who you have never met before. You hurt someone passively and you want to talk to him or her about it and apologize.

All these scenarios are completely normal and can happen to a particular person in one day. If this person experiences anxiety during every scenario, does that make it chronic or serious?

I will tell you why we think anxiety is totally bad. It is because we believe that issues relating to our mental health are dangerous. And that is not exactly our fault. It is just what it is. What will be our fault is not being educated enough to know that ignoring this could lead to worse scenarios.

Imagine having a panic attack because you refused to acknowledge the fact that you are anxious. Funny, right? What would you even know about panic attacks if you ignore a basic thing like anxiety? And yes, panic attacks can be normal too.

In fact, having basic knowledge about anxiety will help you discover or determine if you need medical attention. And no, mental health and the issues relating to them do not always have to deal with mental hospitals. Also, even if there exists some that do, it would not mean that you are mad. So let me answer that question you have been ignoring. No, anxiety is not a bad thing and your mental health matters a whole lot.

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